Floral arrangements fit to grace the Seder table.

Favourites in Passover

Ital Florist is honoured to offer a selection of flowers for Passover, freshly cut and ready for the Seder table. Order online or give us a call today for next-day service. Our Family Promises.

Sending Passover flowers from Ital Florist in Toronto is a thoughtful way to celebrate this significant Jewish holiday. Passover commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, emphasizing themes of freedom, renewal, and gratitude. Flowers, with their natural beauty and symbolism of new beginnings, perfectly complement the spirit of Passover.

Ital Florist offers a diverse selection of floral arrangements designed explicitly for Passover, ensuring that each bouquet captures the essence of the holiday. Whether you prefer traditional arrangements featuring lilies, symbolizing purity and rebirth, or modern designs incorporating vibrant spring blooms like tulips and daffodils, Ital Florist has options to suit every taste and preference. By sending Passover flowers from Ital Florist, you're adding beauty to the holiday celebration and expressing heartfelt wishes for joy, prosperity, and freedom. Whether decorating the Seder table or sending flowers as a thoughtful gift to loved ones, Ital Florist helps you make the Passover celebration truly special and memorable.