Tropical Flowers

Send a taste of the tropics to someone special.

Favourites in Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are perfect for anyone who needs a little refresh. Order birds of paradise, anthuriums, orchids, and more from Ital Florist in Toronto. Serving Toronto and the GTA with fresh, next-day flower delivery since 1976.

Tropical flowers are a vibrant and diverse category of flora known for their striking colours, unique shapes, and exotic appeal. Originating from the warm, lush climates of regions like the Caribbean, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands, these flowers thrive in environments with plenty of sunshine and humidity. Some of the most popular tropical flowers include the bold and beautiful bird of paradise, the fragrant and delicate orchid, the flamboyant hibiscus, and the intricate and captivating heliconia. Their vivid hues and dramatic forms often evoke feelings of adventure, warmth, and the enchanting allure of far-off paradises.

At Ital Florist in Toronto, tropical flowers are more than just an exquisite display of nature's beauty; they are a symbolic and thoughtful gift. Giving tropical flowers as a gift signifies a sense of rarity and sophistication, as these blooms are not commonly found in everyday settings. They represent a special effort to bring a piece of exotic wonder to the recipient, making them feel cherished and unique. Furthermore, tropical flowers can convey a variety of emotions and sentiments. Orchids, for example, symbolize love, luxury, and strength, while birds of paradise represent joy and freedom. By choosing tropical flowers from Ital Florist, you are gifting a stunning arrangement and imparting a message of thoughtfulness and care that resonates deeply with the recipient. The expert florists at Ital Florist ensure that each tropical bouquet is artfully arranged, capturing the essence of the tropics and delivering a lasting impression.