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Exploring Cheap Flower Options Versus Flowers Offered at a Great Value

Cheap flowers in Toronto are easy to find, however, you won’t find “cheap” flowers here at Ital Florist. Instead, you will receive or be presented with flowers at a great value. Some of you may be questioning what the difference is, and luckily, the floral experts here are excited to reveal the secret behind our budget-friendly and price-conscious flower options for our customers here in Toronto, without sacrificing quality, of course. So, let’s review the difference between buying “cheap flowers” and flowers you find at an unbeatable price or “great value.”

What Is the Difference Between Cheap Flowers and Flowers at A Great Value?

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Low-Quality Flowers for A Cheap Price 

The first thing that should come to mind when you hear the word “cheap” is a lack of quality. As with most things, it is important to remember that you often “get what you pay for.” In this case, you are paying for a very low-grade flower that does not offer the best quality bloom or a nice, long stem. While you can find your favourite roses, tulips, sunflowers, and daisies at a cheap price, what you may not find are the varieties of colours and other choices that you would from a local florist. When you find these kinds of flowers in a store, you are looking at bouquets that are not as fresh, versatile, or bright and colourful as other blooms and arrangements from a passionate florist.
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Explanation Behind Cheap and Inexpensive Flowers 

To save money and be able to sell “cheap flowers,” many retailers will purchase their blooms by truckload without having the proper equipment to store, maintain, and keep these flowers fresh. Therefore, customers quickly notice that the floral arrangements they bring home from these places do not last very long, maybe just a few days. This is a tell-tale sign that you have, unfortunately, purchased cheap flowers that were sold past their prime. People will also often find that purchasing cheap flowers online will lead to a delivery where the blooms are bundled together in a box or wrapped in paper, meant for you to arrange in your own vase. If you prefer to receive your blooms already artfully designed in a vase, you are sure to pay an extra fee.
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High-Quality Flowers Offered at A Great Value

When you find inexpensive or budget-friendly flowers from a local florist, you are not sacrificing quality, freshness, variety, or care. Instead, these higher-grade blooms are simply being offered to you at a great value. You can be confident that your florist knows the proper way to store their flowers to keep them constantly fresh and thriving before they arrive at your doorstep. As they are professionally cared for, you can also be certain that they will last longer than the average low quality or “cheap” floral arrangement. Florists who offer flowers at a great value take pride in their work, are passionate about their arrangements, and are more likely to select high-grade blooms.
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A Great Value and Great Service 

With a passion for flowers comes a passion to provide great service to their customers. While local florists build amazing relationships with their customers and community, there is no second-guessing whether your floral arrangement will arrive on time and properly intact. You can count on a seamless delivery to any home, office, hospital, or funeral home even if you have ordered your floral arrangements at a great value. In addition, your blooms will arrive in a beautiful vase, styled and arranged among a variety of flower types that not only look good together but can thrive in the same arrangement together. This can include rare hues, tropicals, exotic blooms, and special varieties of classic roses, daisies, and carnations, just to name a few. In this case, you may be getting more than what you pay for.
As you continue your search for the best flowers at the best price, be careful to not fall into the trap of ordering cheap flowers. Instead, dig a little deeper and research your sources before ordering your floral arrangements to ensure you are getting the best quality for your dollar. To make things easy, visit Ital Florist and browse our budget-friendly and value flower selection. You will not be disappointed.