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The Wonderful World of Roses

From floral designers to artists and even romantics, roses are a popular flower choice for including in bouquets, paintings, songs, literature, and gifts for loved ones. Not only do their bold red colour signify passion and love, but they have a signature fragrance, are one of the oldest flowers in history, and come in a variety of hues. All around the world people show their appreciation and desire for roses, and here at Ital Florist, we do, too. Find out why roses are among our best-selling blooms.

Woman holding luxury bouquet of fresh red roses on light background, closeup

The Love of Roses Worldwide

All around the world roses are beloved, celebrated, and honoured. It is the national flower of the United States, England, Iran, Poland, Honduras, and Romania. The rose is also the official flower of Alberta. The fragrance that roses emit draws us in, which is why it is included in the chemistry of spa and beauty products like perfume, lotion, shampoo, body wash, and face cream.

Long-lasting rose in a flask, in a glass dome, stabilized, a gift

Roses Are Full of Inspiration

Since ancient civilization, roses have been connected to love and passion. Deities including Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, Eros, the god of love, fertility, and passion, and Dionysus, the god of wine who granted roses their sweet, citrusy, and spicy aroma, played a role in forming the symbolic meaning behind these blooms. Throughout history, roses have inspired artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Georgia O’Keefe, and Paul de Longpre, songwriters including Seal, Sting, and Poison, and poets such as Sylvia Plath and Robert Frost.

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Celebrate These Occasions with Roses

One of the most popular occasions for sending roses is Valentine’s Day, as their red blooms are a universal symbol of romance, passion, and love. However, roses of all colours prove to be perfect flowers to celebrate many occasions throughout the year. As roses are the birth flower of June, they are an appropriate choice for celebrating June birthdays or any birthday during any month.

Roses are also the official flower for 15th and 50th wedding anniversaries, so mark your calendars and don’t forget to send your spouse a bouquet of their favourite-coloured roses. In addition, roses are a thoughtful and special flower to celebrate proposals and engagements, weddings, first dates, homecomings, and proms. Roses of many colours prove to be a meaningful “get well” present, “thank you” gift, “just because” surprise, warm welcome for loved ones at the airport, and celebration of life.

Multi colored roses of pink, red, yellow, white, orange, and more.

Meaning and Symbolism of Different Rose Colours

From the classic bold, deep red to a pure and graceful white, roses come in a very wide range of colours and hues that have their own unique symbolic meaning. Find the best colour rose to help you express yourself and send the perfect message to friends, family, and loved ones for any occasion.

Red Roses – Romance, Love, and Passion

Orange Roses – Energy, Passion, Excitement, and Life

Peach Roses – Admiration and Appreciation

Coral Roses – Desire and Happiness

Light Pink Roses – Joy, Admiration, and Happiness

Deep Pink Roses – Appreciation and Thankfulness

Lavender Roses – Enhancement and Love at First Sight

Yellow Roses – Delight, Gladness, and Friendship

White Roses – Purity, Innocence, Reverence, and Honour

Roses are a magnificent bloom with a history that is rich in love and passion. With fascinating legends about roses, the way they have inspired some of our favourite works of art, songs, and literature, and their beautiful symbolism, roses are an ideal bloom for any celebration. Whether you aim to give a showstopping arrangement of roses to a loved one or want to fill your own home with their allure, roses from Ital Florist will certainly meet your needs and expectations.