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Seven Ways to Add Hygge to Your Christmas Traditions

Incorporating hygge into your Christmas season can be done just about anywhere. This Danish transition is one that lights us up from the inside and fills our hearts with gratitude and warmth. Whether it be the simplicity of everyday life or experiencing laughter and cheer with others, your friends here at Ital Florist, the top floral shop in Toronto, are sharing seven steps to feeling comfortable in your home, more connected to loved ones, and thankful for the simple observations in our everyday. 

Seven Steps to Hygge

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Start with Your Environment

When it comes to your environment, hygge is all about creating a place that feels safe, cozy, simple, comfortable, warm, and peaceful. While this looks a little different for everyone, there are a few things you can do to get started. Rid your space of all clutter, display Christmas decor that brings about wonderful thoughts, sweet fragrant candles with a warm flickering flame, Christmas lights that are soft and tranquil, and snuggly textures like thick blankets and fuzzy pillows. To add the finishing touch, find natural inspiration and place a winter bouquet of your favourite flowers, like white roses, hydrangea, poinsettias, and lilies.

Woman legs with socks and christmas fireplace

Get Comfortable

Before sinking deep into the blankets and pillows in your new cozy space, make yourself comfortable! Put on loungewear or pyjamas that feel good and stick your feet into fluffy slippers or socks so that you can feel warm and fuzzy from the inside out. As you find stillness and gratitude in these simple, small, and quiet moments, you are experiencing hygge.

Christmas gingerbread cookies on plate, fir branches, ornaments and warm lights on cozy knitted background. Atmospheric winter time and hygge home. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Find Joy in Your Favourite Meals & Treats

A big part of the Christmas season is gathering with loved ones and enjoying a delicious meal together. With homemade food, goodies, and drinks that make your mouth water and your heart skip a beat with joy, there is no way you can pass up your favourites. Toss out the stress and pressure of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and allow yourself to indulge, mindfully savour each flavour, and express gratitude for these little delights life has brought to you. This is another way to bring more hygge into your Christmas season.

Hobbies and leisure activities during quarantine. Online training, online classes. A young woman watches a video lesson on playing the guitar, she sits on a cozy plaid with a guitar

Indulge in a Relaxing Hobby

Finding hygge in the simple moments of life can also come from making time for a hobby or even an afternoon to chill. While your environment is set up to your liking, bursting with coziness, take advantage of it. Curl up with a good book and cup of tea, turn on your favourite nostalgic Christmas movie as you sip on eggnog, or find joy in crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, or building a puzzle.

Winter woman happy enjoying snow falling on face outdoor forest nature Asian girl looking up wearing hat and scarf cold weather clothes.

Spend Time with Mother Nature

Feeling the works of Jack Frost and Mother Nature during the winter is often under-appreciated. While bringing more hygge into your Christmas season, observing your surroundings should be on the top of your to-do list. Exploring the great outdoors is a brilliant way to slow down, observe, be still, and find peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the season. Consider hiking nearby mountains, walking local trails, strolling through your neighbourhood to admire Christmas lights, ice skating, building a snowman, or simply tending to your garden or greenhouse.

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Enjoy the Company of Friends & Family

To find hygge within the busy Christmas season, it is vital to prioritize loved ones over everything else. Instead of hunting for the perfect present, this is the season to be present during family dinners, brunches with friends, and any other opportunities you have to spend quality time with the ones you love most. So, clear your schedule and gather with your friends and family for movie nights, game nights, catching up in front of the fire, creating new memories, and establishing new traditions, like decorating together, cooking up new favourite recipes, and going on spontaneous adventures.

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Be Present

For hygge to find its way into your Christmas season, you need to be present, mindful, and appreciative of the little things. Instead of getting caught up in the stress and chaos of the season, make time for silence, peace, and gratitude.  Whether you are reading a book by the fireplace or strolling through the neighbourhood with family admiring Christmas decorations, find pleasure in life’s simplest of moments.

Throughout this Christmas season, we hope you enjoy the peace it brings and experience many laughs and quality time with loved ones. As you incorporate more hygge into the days ahead, don’t forget to seek comfort and warmth from the winter floral arrangements here at Ital Florist. Whether you admire them in your own home, gift them to a loved one, or create a magnificent centrepiece for your family Christmas table, flowers can offer a wealth of hygge during this season.