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Get Creative with Flowers to Celebrate Canada Day On July 1st

Canada Day, formerly known as “Dominion Day,” celebrates the 1867 union of the colonies Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada (Quebec and Ontario). On July 1, 1867, Canada was born, and each year the anniversary of the Constitution Act of 1867 is honoured all across the nation with festive and lively events, like any birthday! Popular events to commemorate Canada Day include parades, picnics, backyard barbecues, public festivals, concerts, fireworks, hiking, camping, and volunteering. Many people wear red and white outfits, hats, and face paint and wave the maple leaf flag with pride.
Here at Ital Florist, the best flower shop in Toronto, we cannot think of a better way to celebrate Canada Day than with luxurious red and white floral arrangements. There are so many ways to decorate your home and yard, connect with others, and sport the red and white colours of Canda with flowers. To prove it, our team is sharing their favourite ideas and ways to make this year’s Canda Day truly special and memorable by utilizing fresh blooms.

How to Make Canada Day Special with Flowers

Balcony fence with red pelargonium flowers, marble pillars on a luxurious house porch, detail closeup

Florals to Spruce Up Your Porch

Porch pots with red and white blooms, a large red and white floral wreath hanging on your front door, and hanging flower pots are beautiful ways to pay homage to Canada through fresh, vibrant flowers. While hanging the Canadian flag dresses up your home for Canada Day, red and white flowers serve as the perfect decorative items to spruce up your front porch.

vase of red flowers in modern white living room - home decor

Fill Your Home with Flowers

There are endless opportunities to display your favourite red and white flowers inside your home. Whether for your own enjoyment or to showcase festive decor to guests, place a red and white floral centerpiece on your dining room table, kitchen counter, living room table, or back patio to add lively colour and fresh fragrances to your living space.

Colorful red and white flower roses blooming in roses garden.

Red & White Blooms for Your Yard

Planting flowers in your backyard to get ready for hosting a Canada Day barbeque is another way red and white blooms can set a special tone for the day. While the white bunchberry is Canada’s official flower, consider planting or displaying other red and white blooms like red poppies, white daisies, red carnations, white roses, and red dahlias.

White Bunchberry – Canada’s national flower
Red Poppies – A symbol of respect and remembrance
White Daisies– Linked to innocence and purity
Red Carnations – A sign of admiration
White Roses – Represent loyalty, hope, and new beginnings
Red Dahlias – Symbolizes strength and power

Red and white flowers in a box left on doorstep

Gift Someone a Flower Arrangement

Many believe Canada Day is about honouring, supporting, and connecting with others. What better way to encourage celebration together than by giving a red and white flower bouquet to a neighbour, relative, or friend? Hand out red and white stems to people you see on the streets as you celebrate in public, or bring a fresh arrangement as a host gift if you are attending a party at someone’s home. Perhaps you plan to donate your time on Canada Day. In this case, bring along a red and white flower bouquet to contribute to the organization or those in need.

Girl wearing red and white flower headband

Wear Festive Blooms Around Town

While attending festivals, parades, parties, picnics, or any other celebratory outing, many people wear red and white, paint their faces, and even drape the Canadian flag around their shoulders. Wearing red and white flowers is also a fun and beautiful way to honour Canada. Pin them to your shirt or hat, create a flower crown, or wear a corsage around your wrist.

Canada Day is a genuine celebration of unity, and many of us look forward to celebrating our Canadian heritage and country’s history year after year. No matter how you honour Canada Day on July 1st this year, Ital Florist is ready with some of the year’s most festive red and white floral arrangements.