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Chase Away the Cold and Brighten Your Home With Radiant Red Flowers

Create a festive ambiance and brighten your home with vibrant red flowers. Besides being associated with love and romance, red blooms also represent a medley of meanings, including courage, admiration, power, and passion. From crimson to cherry to scarlet and vermilion, red blooms have the amazing ability to boost one’s mood and reinvigorate¬†any space. The floral experts at Ital Florist, Toronto’s Best Florist,¬†share why red flowers are so dazzling and showcase some of our favourite red blooms that warm the heart and the home.

Look to these beautiful red blooms to brighten your home for the holiday season


Representing radiant beauty, the tall and magnificent red amaryllis also represents resilience and perseverance.


A charming poppy-like bloom, the red anemone signifies love.


The red anthurium has a bright red, exotic-looking bloom that represents joy and hospitality.


A symbol of endless devotion, this sprightly daisy-like bloom is popular in Greek mythology.


Always sweet and frilly, the red carnation is a symbol of admiration.


A popular fall flower, the red mum symbolizes happiness and beauty.


Large, lush, and gorgeous, the red dahlia represents commitment.

Gerbera Daisy

Cheery and radiant, red gerbera daisies signify unconscious love.


Remarkable and perfect, the fragrant rose comes in a variety of red hues from rich red to burgundy.


A charming symbol of Christmas, holly berries make great holiday decor.

Why Is Red an Exciting Colour Choice for Flowers?

The history of the colour red is intriguing. After black and white, red is the first colour humans perceive. In antiquity, red symbolized war, wealth, and power. During medieval times, red had religious and secular meanings symbolizing the blood of Christ and the fires of Hell, as well as love, beauty, and glory.

A colour with many meanings, red is distinctive as it represents love, passion, seduction, violence, anger, and danger. Here are a few more interesting facts about the colour red:

  • Red is one of the top two favourite colours of all people (blue is the other one).
  • Red is on 77% of all world flags, making it the most popular flag colour.
  • Red is the international colour for “Stop.”
  • Red symbolizes good luck in Asia and is the most popular colour in China.
  • Red captures our attention as it’s one of the most visible colours.
  • Brides in India and Japan wear red gowns on their wedding day for luck and prosperity.
  • Studies show men are more attracted to women who wear red and spend more money on them.
  • Red paired with green symbolizes Christmas in Western countries.

Red is compelling and exciting, which is why we love red flowers for bringing energy and warmth to our homes during fall and winter.

What is the Red Christmas Flower Called?

We can’t speak about red flowers in winter without mentioning the most popular winter flower of them all – the poinsettia! A sign of the Christmas season, these beautiful red and green winter plants represent joy, merriment, love, and goodwill. With the proper care, your poinsettia can re-bloom each winter.

Add bright red colour and positive, uplifting energy to your home with radiant red blooms. They also make the perfect gift for someone who needs an extra dose of holiday cheer. Check out our selection of gorgeous red blooms now.