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Amazing Advantages of Fresh Flowers and Green Plants

Bringing home plants and flowers and surrounding ourselves with magnificent gifts from Mother Nature is undeniably beautiful. Their fresh fragrances, colourful petals, and brilliant shapes captivate us with every glance. While this is reason enough to surround yourself with botanicals, there are more benefits of plants and flowers than meets the eye. 

Here at Ital Florist, the best flower shop in Toronto, our floral experts have turned to science to help support what we have always suspected. Plants and flowers provide an amazing list of health, emotional, and self-care advantages.

Nine Benefits of Admiring Wonderful Plants and Flowers

Flowers Make People Happy

Is there anyone who doesn’t smile upon receiving a gift of beautiful flowers? Now we know flowers have the ability to keep that smile around for longer, and more. Behavioural research studies conducted at Harvard, Rutgers, and Texas A&M have shown that flowers can make people happier, promote feelings of compassion, and improve energy. This study went on to state that flowers also have the ability to induce immediate feelings of happiness and delight, promote long-term mood-boosting effects, and reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and agitation. If you have someone whom you’d like to bring joy, flowers are clearly the perfect, science-backed gift.

Flowers Decrease Stress

The sight of flowers makes us smile, and the scent of flowers can make us relax and less anxious, too. Breathing in the sweet fragrance of flowers has a relaxing and stress-reducing effect, and it’s well researched that flowers bring moments of tranquillity and calm. Plus, there are several studies linking reduced stress with flowers including one from the University of North Florida that showed women who received flowers had a statistically significant reduction in stress levels.

Plants Improve Memory & Concentration

Studies show performing tasks and projects under the peaceful and relaxing influence of nature yielded better results. Having plants in the workplace or at home has a positive effect on increasing one’s memory and concentration. Studies also show work completed in an area with fresh greenery is more likely to be of higher quality and more accurate than work performed in an environment devoid of greenery.

Plants & Flowers Can Enhance Learning in Kids

Research shows children who have natural, fresh plants and flowers in their learning environment have enhanced learning capabilities. The effects of being around nature help them to focus and concentrate, making it easier for them to absorb and retain new information. Additionally, children with Attention Deficit Disorder tend to have improved focus and concentration and engage more with their surrounding environment when it’s filled with living plants and flowers.

Plants & Flowers Promote Productivity

Whether working from home or in a cubicle, make it a point to have a vase of fresh flowers or a thriving plant in your workspace to help increase your productivity. Being in nature, or having natural elements around you, helps increase your vitality and levels of energy which, in turn, makes you a better worker. Plants and flowers have also been shown to stimulate innovation and creativity leading to increased productivity.

Flowers Help You Start the Day on a High Note

Place a vase of flowers on your bedstand, by the coffeemaker, or near the front door so you see it before you leave in the morning and benefit from the immediate boost of happiness they provide. Flowers can jumpstart your positive mood – which can last all day long.

Plants & Flowers Improve Relationships

Research shows people who spend a lot of time around plants benefit from increased feelings of compassion and empathy for others. It’s also been shown that when people spend more time around plants, they are more likely to try and help others. In short, the “green” benefits of having ornamental plants around can improve relationships between people.

Plants and Flowers Improve Emotional Health

Research conducted at Rutgers found that flowers generate happy emotions and strengthen feelings of overall life satisfaction far beyond what was initially believed. In an article in Psychology Today, Dr. Jonathan S. Kaplan suggests plants and flowers reduce stress because of the distraction from life and the improved air quality they provide. Another study shows that just the pleasant fragrance of flowers can reduce stress.

Flowers Enhance the Well-Being of Seniors

Flowers can improve common age-related concerns by decreasing depression, inspiring contact with friends and family, and slowing memory loss among the elderly. Flowers make people happy and happier people live healthier and longer lives.

It's so easy to send some smiles to a friend, colleague or loved on today. This affordable bouquet features a sweet combination of orange spray roses, yellow mini carnations and white daisies. Flowers are arranged in a clear glass vase with some added greenery for a perfect light and delightful touch.
Let this uplifting arrangement be a reminder of the clear skies ahead. Reminiscent of the hope that a new day brings, this bouquet is composed of voluminous hydrangea blooms and vibrant belladonna delphinium to refresh their mood.

As scientific research suggests, a fantastically effective and natural way to assist in healing, easing stress and anxiety, improving your mood, promoting positivity, increasing productivity, and enhancing your overall well-being is with your favourite flowers and plants. Here at Ital Florist, we always ensure that the blooms and botanicals we deliver to you, your friends, and your family are nothing less than fresh, vibrant, and high-quality. So, when a prescription for Mother Nature comes your way, you know exactly where to go – Ital Florist!