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Posted by Ital Florist on November 11, 2021 Autumn Fall Flower Symbolism Flowers Seasonal Flowers

A Warm Welcome for Autumn Colours & Fall Flowers

As the world begins to transform into a sea of golden fall foliage, we know the fall season has begun. Autumnal colours surround us during this season, especially as new flowers, like chrysanthemums, billy balls, calla lilies, sunflowers, and perennial sage begin to bloom and flourish. The colour palette of fall cannot be ignored, especially with rich hues like red, yellow, orange, brown, purple, and green filling our homes, wardrobes, and Mother Nature. To help inspire warm and cozy feelings while the weather turns brisk, Ital Florist is providing a list of the brilliant colours and matching fabulous florals that you can expect to encounter this season.

Warm RedsBurgundy, Carmine, Maroon, Ruby, Scarlett & Crimson

A basket of red delicious apples, soft plaid blankets, harvest wreaths, and hand-knitted hats and scarves are just a few of our favourite red things, aside from stunning red flowers. Red can be an intense colour representing strong passion, desire, love, power, and ambition, but never underestimate its ability to warm you up from the inside out with its comfort and classic beauty.

Fall flowers that bloom in shades of red: celosia, dahlia, dianthus, gerbera daisies, mums, rose, snapdragons

Uplifting YellowsButterscotch, Gold, Goldenrod, Yellow Ochre & Saffron

While autumn can be seen as the golden hour of seasons, its yellow hues burst with positive energy, sunshine, happiness, creativity, optimism, enlightenment, and joy. Butternut squash, leaves that are not quite yet ready to leave their branches, a soft yellow sweater, the bottom of candy corn, and a challenging corn maze have become seasonal fall icons that lift our spirits.

Fall flowers that bloom in yellow hues: billy balls, black-eyed Susans, celosia, Gerbera daisies, golden asters, mums, pansies, rudbeckia, sunflowers

Comforting OrangesAmber, Auburn, Carnelian, Ginger & Flame

Perhaps one of the most defining colours of the season, orange, can be found just about everywhere you look. Think pumpkins and Halloween decorations to falling leaves and foliage and even the flames of your favourite fall candle and the burning of a fire that keeps you warm as you roast marshmallows. This warm and vibrant colour inspires positivity, enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, excitement, joy, and determination. You cannot expect to walk through nature or attend a fall harvest festival without being submerged in a sea of orange.

Fall flowers that bloom in orange tones: bleeding hearts false sunflowers, calla lilies, dahlias, gerbera daisies, mums, roses, rudbeckia, zinnias

Natural BrownsChocolate, Sepia, Tan, Umber, Mahogany & Coffee

Natural browns, the colour of your favourite hot coffee or hot chocolate, cinnamon sticks and nutmeg that top your latte, and the logs on a fire are just a few ways we have surrounded ourselves in this muted, raw shade. Brown offers a sense of ease and comfort with its grounding and earthy tone. From a light caramel brown, like the liquid of a pumpkin spice latte, to a dark chocolate brown, similar to the fur on a bear preparing for hibernation, this colour certainly has its place in every fall colour palette.

Fall flowers that bloom in shades of brown: Chocolate cosmos, Echibeckia ‘Summerina Brown’, dahlias, dried coneflower heads, dried lotus pods, dried scabiosa pods, mums, orchids, pansies

Luxurious PurplesPlum, Lavender, Raisin, Amethyst & Mauve

Mysterious, majestic, luxurious, romantic, and powerful purple tones found in the fall are proven to offer a sense of calm and lessen our stress and anxiety. Hues like plum and amethyst offer the perfect contrast to the warm colours of red, yellow, and orange. This deep, rich, jewel-toned hue provides vibrancy and comfort during autumn, from sunsets and plums to eggplants and mystical Halloween baubles and lights.

Fall flowers in purple tones: asters, calla lily, cornflower, dahlia, heather, mums, ornamental kale, pansies, perennial sage, statice

Harmonious GreensEmerald, Fern, Forest, Olive & Verdant

Autumn is a fresh season of transition, and green is the perfect colour to represent the growth and renewal we often experience this time of year, as well as nature’s evolution into an artistic masterpiece. Budding pumpkins, leaves holding onto summer, stems on squash, green Granny Smith Apples, and hunter green jackets are tell-tale signs that the autumnal season has undoubtedly begun to creep in as summer slowly makes its exit.

Popular fall greenery to pair with autumn blooms: eucalyptus, dusty miller, leatherleaf fern, myrtle

Awesome Fall Flowers

There is nothing better than giving autumn the warm welcome it deserves with a full bouquet of fresh fall flowers. Whether you plan to give an uplifting autumn arrangement to a friend or loved one or can’t wait to bring the season into your own home, the elements of nature, crisp blooms, and autumnal hues are genuinely outstanding. Be sure to browse Ital Florist’s online collection of autumn flowers today!

Our Many Thanks Bouquet makes a great gift idea to send during the Autumn months. Featuring orange roses and mums with burgundy mini carnations, green button poms and ample greenery. Please note that the exact vase shown is not available. Flowers will arrive arranged in a very similar glass mason jar vase. The "Thankful every Day" tag and tassel are available and are included as shown.

Many Thanks Bouquet

This is a gorgeous autumn bouquet combing burnt orange tones with delicate pink romantic touches. Flowers include varieties like roses, snapdragons and chrysanthemums with rustic solidago and greens.

Harvest Moon Bouquet