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Fun, Unique, and Thoughtful Gifts to Pair with a Floral Bouquet

Over the course of a year, there are many times when we find ourselves wracking our brains for that perfect gift for our loved ones. Whether we are celebrating a special event, holiday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday, or just want to acknowledge how much we love someone, a fresh and luxurious bouquet of flowers is always a winner. However, if an event calls for something even more to increase the celebration or turn up the romance, pairing a unique and fun gift with an arrangement is unbeatable. That’s precisely why your favourite flower shop in Toronto, Ital Florist, offers the most stunning floral bouquets as well as fabulous gifts for anyone and any occasion.

Brilliant Gifts That Go With Flowers

cosmetics salt bombs bath spa organic

Spa Essentials

Some of the best bath bombs have ingredients like rose, lavender, hibiscus, peony, and more of the world’s best flowers. An at-home spa day or a kit full of spa essentials is a relaxing, thoughtful, and sweet-smelling gift that pairs seamlessly with flowers. A wonderful bouquet of flowers is a serene finishing touch that offers tranquillity, positive energy, and beauty.

Vintage book with bouquet of meadow flowers, nostalgic vintage background

Book of Flowers

Books have the power to transport us to brilliant places and enrich our lives with new stories and knowledge we otherwise may not acquire. Flowers also have the ability to capture our senses and open our eyes to something new and breathtaking. Pairing a fabulous floral arrangement with a beautiful book on flowers is genuinely spectacular.


The best floral bouquet is found when the blooms, colours, and design remind you of your loved one. Finding the perfect piece of jewellery for someone happens the same way! So, whether it’s a classic tennis bracelet or an elegant diamond necklace, or perhaps a colourful pair of flower earrings that screams your loved one’s name, you can match any piece of jewellery with equally stunning and unique flowers.

Beautiful flower cupcake for wedding

Sweet Treats

What could be sweeter than surprising a special someone with a fragrant and alluring bouquet of their favourite blooms? How about creating a delicious gift combo by adding their favourite sweet treat, like chocolates, baked goods, or gourmet snacks? While they feast their eyes upon a glorious collection of flowers, they can also feast on something decadent and delightful.

Flowering tea in a glass teapot

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea, also known as a hug in a mug, is not only a symbolic sentiment to go along with a lovely bouquet of flowers, but herbal tea is made of some of the most beautiful and beloved florals around the world. Think rose tea, hibiscus tea, white peony tea, and the list goes on and on! Tea and flowers is a glorious gift pairing to let someone know how loved they are.


A nice bottle of wine to go along with a lavish bouquet of florals is one of the most classic and fun gift pairings we can think of. Red wine to go along with a big red rose arrangement says “I love you,” while a bottle of champagne and stargazer lilies can say “happy anniversary” or “congratulations!” Match the type of blooms in your bouquet to the wine’s taste, body, and shade.

No matter the special occasion or celebration at hand, you can never go wrong with a glorious gift of flowers to love, support, congratulate, or send a meaningful message to your loved one. When you want to “wow” someone and pull out all the stops, adding to your floral bouquet is a fantastic way to do so! As you begin searching for the perfect floral arrangement and gift, look no further than the inspiring collection here at Ital Florist.

Gifts to mix and match with flowers